Research Projects

The providers and staff at Fulton Family Health Associates believe that only through continued research will we see improvements in the health of our patients and our communities.

We feel that this research agenda should not only take place on the basic science level, but at the level of the primary care practice, as well. Presently, FFHA participates in two research studies.

Current Studies

Health Information Technology (HIT) Overuse Project

Medication Safety-3 – Translation Research into Practice Study (MS-3-TRIP)

Past Studies

Medication Safety-2 – Translating Research into Practice Study (MS-2-TRIP)

Improving medication safety is a fundamental priority for transforming the U.S. health care system. Few improvement strategies have been tested in primary care, and an advanced understanding of how best to implement safe practices beyond the inpatient setting is needed. The overall goal of the MS-2-TRIP project is to decrease preventable prescribing and monitoring medication errors in primary care practices across the United States through dissemination of a medication-safety focused quality improvement model. Findings from this project will enhance the medication safety knowledge base in primary care and potentially improve safe medication prescribing and monitoring for hundreds of thousands of primary care patients across the country. FFHA was one of 55 practices nation-wide who participated in this study, published in the American Journal of Medical Quality in 2013.

Reducing Inappropriate Prescribing of Antibiotics by Primary Care Clinicians (ABX-TRIP)

The overuse of antibiotics, and resulting antibiotic resistance, is a significant infectious disease challenge today. This study looked at the use of a clinical decision support tool to help our providers more accurately diagnose and treat acute respiratory tract infections and more appropriately prescribe antibiotics. FFHA was one of 9 practices from across the nation to participate in the ABX-TRIP study which concluded in 2012.  The study was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine in 2013 and in the International Journal of Medical Informatics in 2012.

Better Self-Management of Diabetes Project (BSMOD)

This project, under the direction of the Department of Family Medicine and the University of Missouri, Columbia, was designed to help determine the strategies rural communities and primary care practices can use to help patients with diabetes control their disease. Funded by the Missouri Foundation for Health, this 3 year project completed in 2010.

Standing Orders – Translating Research into Practice Study (SO-TRIP)

FFHA was one of 9 practices nationwide to participate in the SO-TRIP study, conducted by the Practice Partner Research Network, and directed by faculty at the Medical University of South Carolina. This study, funded by the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, was designed to look for improvements in care with the use of electronic standing orders in an electronic medical record (EMR).  The study was published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine in 2012.